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Hello and thanks so much for checking out the 30 Day Fitness Quest!

I’m Kevin and I’m a certified personal trainer and the founder of Wild Body Wellness.

Kevin Beach

I’d like to invite you to join the Wild Body Wellness 30 Day Fitness Quest program that you can do at home on your own or outside in nature! No Gyms or equipment required!

But first I’ll give you a little background story about myself and my journey from being weak, sick, out of shape, depressed, unhappy with my life and having no confidence in myself, to FEELING AMAZING, GETTING FIT, HAVING TONS OF CONFIDENCE, LOVING LIFE, and GETTING THE BODY I ALWAYS DREAMED OF!

Like I said, I didn’t start out this way. I used to eat all sorts of junk food, never moved my body, struggled from all sorts of health issues, and in general just plain felt TERRIBLE. I lacked that deep connection with my body that I desired, and it showed. I wasn’t overweight but I certainly didn’t feel good in my body.

I wanted to be active and strong, and have a better looking body, but I just didn’t know how to get there, and I could never get enough motivation to stick with it any time I started working out. I didn’t like gyms and I felt like I had to spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, and expensive supplements to get the body I wanted. There was so much confusing information out there…which crazy workout plans to follow, which supplements to take…and it all sounded so complicated. I felt overwhelmed and thought that I would never be fit and get the body I always I dreamed of.

I almost gave up…

Kevin Before

And then I discovered the key to getting and maintaining a fit an healthy body. It didn’t involve gyms, trainers or complicated workouts, and it was cheap, almost free even!

The key was to work WITH nature instead of against it. Our bodies natural state is to be trim, fit and healthy. If we move on a consistent basis, in a natural way, eat a natural diet and get outside nature does the rest. It was almost too easy! My body transformed before my eyes and I was just having fun…not dreading workouts.

The results were dramatic to say the least. I lost a LOT of body fat, and gained lean toned muscle. My body improved in every way possible. I was stronger, had more endurance and agility, my balance improved, I gained flexibility, and my mind was calmer and clearer. My whole outlook on life transformed.

Kevin After 1


This is when I decided to become a personal trainer and help other people learn the secrets to getting the same level of health and fitness that I had achieved. Helping others became my purpose in life.

Then an amazing woman came into my life…



Alissa and Kevin

Her name is Alissa. As we got to know each other a little more and eventually fell in love, I learned that she was going through many of the same struggles I had gone through and other ones too! She dealt with acne and other skin problems, felt weak and tired all of the time, secretly struggled with binge eating, lacked confidence, and didn’t feel comfortable in her body as she had gained 20lbs (9kg) in the last year.

  • She didn’t like going to the gym
  • Couldn’t get into a regular exercise routine
  • Struggled with intense food cravings
  • Had difficulty making the right food choices
  • And felt like getting the body she had always wanted was impossible


Alissa Before 1

After witnessing her struggle day in and day out, I decided to help her any way I could. I taught her my personal secrets to getting the healthy, fit LEAN body I had always wanted, maximizing my energy levels, and feeling the best I can. She decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and put them to the test to see for herself…

And she got results… AMAZING RESULTS!


Alissa Lake After

  • She lost 20lbs of stubborn body fat
  • Developed a love for exercise and movement
  • Learned how to eat healthy without feeling like she was depriving herself

Her whole outlook on life improved!

Our partnership even grew stronger because she was happier with her body and had more confidence in herself! We can now have amazing active adventures together because she is fit enough to use her body the way she always wanted. Some of the activities that we like to do together are hiking in the mountains, swimming, running, bicycle touring, mountain biking, dancing, acro yoga and so much more. We love trying new activities together now and challenging our bodies in new ways. I feel like the luckiest guy on Earth!

Alissa After 2


She even went on to become a model!!!

 al elf


As you can tell I’m REALLY proud of her, but the truth is…ANYONE can get these results. I have coached many clients and taught them how to naturally achieve better health and fitness for $500-$1000 per month!

Not everyone has the time for intense one on one coaching sessions with a personal trainer or a nutritional consultant, and not everyone can afford it either. I wanted to put all of my best information together in an easy to follow, day by day, step by step program than anyone could afford. And that’s exactly what I did when I created the Wild Body Wellness 30 Day Fitness Quest.

What’s included in the 30 Day Fitness Quest?

  • A structured and gradually designed 4 Week 30 Day Fitness Program
  • Daily Workout Plans with natural movements designed to awaken your body, enliven your senses, and get you in the best shape of your life
  • A Step-by-Step Guide
  • 30 Day and Weekly Schedules
  • Training in The 6 Elements of Fitness
  • Quest Success Journal to keep you on track and motivated
  • Exclusive video library full of videos showing you each workout and teaching you how they work
  • Post Quest Guide for Thriving

I can’t let you go through this Quest on your own so I’m also giving you LIFETIME access to my Private Support Group using the awesome groups platform that Facebook has provided. If you have any questions or need any assistance at all on your quest this is where I will be to help you every step of the way ensuring your success.


My normal fee for a 1 hour consultation or coaching session is $60. In this Private Group you will get access to me any time you need me for FREE!

This group is also your community of fellow questers where you can share your successes, receive support and encouragement from others, and give it out as well! With your whole community behind you, you’re bound for success on your Quest!

Note: This group is completely private with no outside access. That means only yourself, other Quest participants, and Wild Body Wellness team members are allowed in the group. Your privacy is really important to me and nothing posted in the group will be viewable to outsiders.

Here are just a few of the Amazing Benefits you will experience:

  • Fat loss and improved body shape
  • More Strength
  • More Endurance
  • Become more Agile
  • Better Balance
  • More flexibility
  • A stronger connection to your body and the natural environment around you
  • Gain Confidence
  • Save $$$ No more expensive gym memberships or gimmicky equipment.
  • More Energy!


In addition to the comprehensive program I have put together for you I want to include some extra’s to assist you on your Quest so I’m giving away these bonus gifts:


Shopping List

Bonus Gift #1 – Healthy Whole Foods Shopping List - A comprehensive list of the best plant-based foods to eat to give you the fastest and best results possible during your quest and beyond.


Smoothie Builder Guide

Bonus Gift #2 – Smoothie Builder Guide eBook - Smoothies are one of the best ways to get vital nutrients into your body. Learn to build great tasting AND nutrient dense smoothies with this easy to follow step by step guide. You’ll be a master smoothie maker in no time. I’ve also included a recipe template so you can keep track of your favorite combinations and best tasting creations!


What others are saying about the 30 Day Fitness Quest:

“I loved every moment of the program, and loved how much I learned over the course of the month. I had been caught in a mental cycle that
consisted of wanting to be slim, trim and healthy but I never was able to DO anything about it, it just kept going round and round, and I began to fell helpless, like I knew of where I wanted to be, I knew what I wanted to be doing but I could just never get there, I kept falling off the road. I didn’t have to go to a GYM, join a club, he taught me that
movement could be so easy and FUN right in my own backyard! I am now at a point where I wake up wanting to move, I WANT to go for a run, I want to try doing 5 more push ups, I have just signed up for my first 10km! I would have never even imagined that before!!!

Kevin has helped to transform my life. The Wild Body Wellness program I did with Kevin was such an awakening for myself and I have learned so much not only about moving in my external environment, but I have learned so much about the my internal emotional/mental environment. Health is a full circle, in the mind, body and heart, Kevin reminded me of this. Kevin takes a holistic approach, and to him, it’s not just about being fit and healthy, its about being the very best you can be, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to be your highest potential possible and that it is a totally achievable thing. Working with Kevin, well, wow he has done so much, but most of all, he has helped me to remember…helped me to remember how good it is to be alive, moving and living everyday, making the most of our time here, being the very best potential one can possibly be… and I don’t think you can get much better than that.”

Amelia, Australia


Lisa Before After Wild Body

Katrin Testimonial

Bobby Testimonial


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I am offering this guarantee because I’m so confident that you will love the 30 Day Fitness Quest and the benefits you will receive from it, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to experience those benefits.

30 Day Guarantee


Important Note: The 30 Day Fitness Quest is a 100% DIGITAL product. After you have made your purchase you’ll gain access to our secure Member Product Portal where you download your Quest content. No physical copies will be shipped. Please contact us if you need help downloading anything after you’ve purchased your Quest.


30 Day Fitness Quest

30 Day Fitness Quest

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a gym membership or any special equipment?: Absolutely not! This quest is all about learning quick and simple natural fitness, with no gym or special equipment required. You may find it helpful to have a yoga mat for comfort.

Where can you do the workouts?: Anywhere! Ideally outside in natural surroundings. A park, field, your back yard, the beach, or indoors.

Am I too old to do this kind of fitness?: No way! You’re never too old for natural movement. In fact, regular exercise and strength training can improve your over all quality of life, fend off disease, and even add YEARS to your life. The program is designed for anyone of any age or current level of fitness to work on improving no matter where you are starting out at.

I’m overweight. Can I still do this program or should I wait until I lose some weight?: There is no better time to start your weight loss journey and no better way to do it than with exercise and healthy eating habits. Your body will benefit from the gradual progression of quest and the workouts designed to stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight. If you after trying you feel like any movements or workouts are too difficult or you need some alternative options just let us know in the support group and we’ll be glad to provide you with some suitable alternatives to keep you on track and and making progress. Our goal is to accommodate everyone’s needs.

I’ve never worked out before. Will be able to handle this?: You are capable of so much more than you think. You will learn all of the basics of natural fitness and get off to great healthy start in staying fit for the rest of your life. With the support provided and a whole community of other questers doing this along with you, you will have everything you need to be successful on this quest and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. I’m glad you found the 30 Day Quest because most people that are new to fitness have to navigate through a whole gauntlet of fitness gimmicks and scams, expensive gym memberships to stuffy intimidating gyms, and a whole load of mis-information. I certainly made my fair share of mistakes when it came to working out, wasted a lot of money, and actually harmed my body due to getting the wrong information. I’m not saying that Wild Body Wellness has all of the answers but our#1 goal is to help people get on the right track and provide honest and heart based information that empowers people to transform their lives.

Will following this fitness program make me big and bulky?: No. This program is designed to encourage fat loss and lean toned functional muscle. Just like a wild human would have. Your body WILL look better and feel better because you will burn fat and show more muscle definition. This is NOT a body building program!


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